Doreen Hanna – The Queen of the Princesses

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Doreen has often been referred to as the Queen in the last decade because she personally guided more than 600 teen girls on a life-impacting journey to see themselves as beautiful young ladies, true princesses.  The girls discovered their purpose, value and strength, through the Modern Day Princess (MDP) rite-of-passage study that culminates in a crowning celebration.

Today, thousands of girls have been crowned princesses as Doreen passionately continues to empower moms and women mentors to carry out the MDP program, internationally;  as they equip their daughters and girls to become young women of influence – today’s modern day princesses.

She is successfully fulfilling her passion as the co-author of Raising a Modern Day Princess, published by Focus on the Family/Tyndale in 2010. It has touched the hearts of more than 25,000 parents and leaders who have chosen to take their daughter(s) or girls through the Becoming a Modern Day Princess (BMDP) rite-of-passage program and celebration. The BMDP journal has been life-changing for thousands of teen girls, their parents, and many who participate in this life impacting, memory of a life-time journey to adulthood.

Doreen is a seasoned speaker. For the last 25 years she has spoken in churches, schools and community organizations across the country sharing her signature topic: Mentoring our next generation of moms and future women of influence to become our next decade’s women of excellence.

However, her scope of topics and audiences doesn’t stop there. She has crossed many bridges, speaking on a wide range of topics and reaching women of all ages, teens to umpteens!

She speaks from an open heart, seasoned with warmth and vulnerably as she often shares of how she was rejected as a young girl by her father. Then entered into marriage at the age of 19, asking more of her husband than any man could fulfill. By her late 20’s she was seeking help for her failing marriage and discovered that her unrealistic expectations of her husband were a result of her yearning to hear her father’s words of affirmation that validated her purpose, value and strength. By the age of 30, she chose to forgive her daddy and he wept tears as he shared his lack of love for her as a child. They redeemed many years in their future together that had been lost in her belief that she wasn’t worthy of being loved.

Consider having Doreen for your next event. Giving the women in your sphere of influence a renewed sense of purpose, value and strength for their life today and hope for their future!

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