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If you are like most Women’s Ministry Leaders you are often looking for something current and fresh to meet the needs of your pre-Christian guests, new Christians and you want it fun and Biblically sound to encourage to your faithful women.

We (Diane and Doreen) took seriously the impact this talk could have on women because we have experienced the joys and challenges from both sides of the stage. First, sitting in the audience enjoying the pleasure of not having had to do anything but buy a ticket, show up with friends and then receive “just what we needed” through the speaker.

Secondly, like you, we are both presently on our home church women’s boards, praying, planning and ultimately presenting a well prepared event. So, we appreciate everything you do to make your event what you believe God wants and meets the needs of hopefully every woman that will attend.

FYI – below is the outline of our talk that will hopefully prompt a level of excitement as well as an element of peace about where we are going with this talk! Our goal, and we are sure yours, is leading women to a closer walk with Jesus Christ.



Today’s Diva
Arrogant, manipulative, demanding
Doesn’t think the law or accepted rules of courtesy apply to her.
A True Diva
Courteous, humble, caring
A rare woman of outstanding talent – a fine lady.
If She…. She is…   If She… She is…  
in herself
Foolish He who trusts in himself is a fool…
(Prov. 28:26a)
in the Lord
Wise …but he who walks
in wisdom is kept safe.
(Prov. 28:26b)
nothing in others
Selfish Reckless words pierce like a sword…
(Prov. 12:17a)
in others
(is a true friend)
Kind …but the tongue of
the wise brings healing.
(Prov. 12:17b
The ways
of the world
Rebellious A fool finds pleasure in evil conduct…
(Prov. 10:23a)
The ways of God
Respectful … but a man of
understanding delights
in wisdom
(Prov. 10:23b)
it’s all about her
Prideful The way of a fool seems right to him…
(Prov. 12:5a)
Seeks wise counsel
Humble …but a wise man listens
to advise.
(Prov. 12:15b)

Kerri Pomorolli has offered to come along side of this in this new endeavor. Therefore, she is helping book our events. Please contact her if you’d like to book us.
Email: klp919@aol.com or (310) 413-2345

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