“Doreen, you are a gem. I must tell you this is one of the best interviews I’ve done. I had chills as I read some of your answers. I feel the Lord was speaking to me. Love your wisdom from Lucy Swindoll. You are a beautiful woman of God and I know we will learn great and mighty things from you.”

Robin Prater, http://robin-prater.blogspot.com/


“I can’t express enough just how fortunate Christian Speaker’s 4 You is to have a wonderful, loving, passionate person such as Doreen Hanna affiliated with your organization.  She is a gift from God.  Her message was wonderfully presented and accepted as she incorporated some of her life experiences, they are always a wonderful attention holder.  She fit right in and interacted with our guests at the luncheon.  They adored her.  Discussions regarding the event and our speaker continue to be heard throughout our community.

Jessica Lurkins
1st Baptist Church of Leoti, KS 2010


“Doreen Hanna’s attendance at Upper Class (October 2006) enabled me to see her excellence as a speaker. I observed her ability to engage her audience and ignite within them a desire to take action. Doreen is a professional, well-qualified woman capable of speaking to any audience as her genuine spirit embraces every individual that is present.

Florence Littauer, President of CLASS Speakers
Author of many best selling books including
Personality Plus and Silver Box


” Listening to Doreen is like engaging in an intimate chat with a close friend over a cup of tea. Her warm and honest style will embrace you.”

Diane Maxey
Curves Club Owner
In Palmdale & Acton, CA


“ Doreen’s contagious joy and vivacious spirit draw many to her. Her integrity and family values give her credibility in inspiring others. I highly recommend Doreen as an inspirational and motivational speaker.”

Sharon Barnes
National Director of Ministry,
New Life Ministries