About Doreen

With enthusiasm and excitement, Doreen Hanna encourages women to take life’s journey with The One who brings joy, impart love, and will meet their every need along the way.

Doreen grasped the hand of God when her own journey led her through the dark clouds of a turbulent marriage, and later faced the revelation of sexual abuse in her own family. Today she and her family share of the miraculous restoration that came through personal intervention and God’s awesome love and forgiveness.

She has enlightened many women as a Bible study teacher, discipleship leader, and trained biblical counselor. In 1997 she was asked to be Women of Faith’s first West Coast Ministry Representative; emceeing numerous pre-conference events.

Doreen and her husband Chad have two daughters and one granddaughter living in CA, and they reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Doreen and Chad Hanna

For more than 20 years Doreen and Chad lived on the slippery slopes of alcoholism. Chad, a functioning alcoholic, managed to keep a high profile position in the hotel industry. While Doreen struggled to keep up a good front for their daughters, family, friends and church.

Dark clouds continued to hover over their lives into the late 90′s. By then Chad had lost a prestigious job due to his drinking; Doreen had an affair and filed for divorce after their 4th separation and Chad was still saying “You have a problem with my drinking, I don’t!”

Today, they share how God brought Chad to a place of “looking in the mirror” to answer his question “Why Me God!” and the results of his recovery and restoration of their marriage.